Ferrero Pyramid

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Add timeless elegance and style to your event and give guests a unique taste experience with an exquisite 16-tier Ferrero Pyramid.


The Ferrero Taste Experience


Ferrero chocolates offer a unique, luxurious taste experience with their contrasting layers of crisp wafer shells covered in gently roasted hazelnut pieces, a deliciously creamy hazelnut filling and a heart consisting of a crunchy, whole hazelnut. Introducing a particularly captivating, timeless quality into the equation, their unique gold-foil wrappers further add to the overall experience.


Whatever the occasion, your Ferrero Rocher pyramid tower will – not surprisingly – be appreciated, loved and thoroughly enjoyed by your guests.


Our Ferrero Pyramid


Kosher (Dairy Chalav Akum, KLBD Approved) and suitable for vegetarians, our Ferrero Rocher Pyramid consists of 480 chocolates beautifully arranged into a 16-tier pyramid measuring 80 cm (H) x 58 cm (W) x 58 cm (D) in size.


If preferred, we can also adapt the pyramid to consist of Ferrero Raffaello chocolates. The price of the pyramid includes delivery, set-up and collection.

Product Information

Chocolates: 16 tiers, with 480 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
Vegetarian: Ferrero Rocher are suitable for vegetarians
Kosher: Dairy Chalav Akum, Approved by KLBD
Chocolate selection: Can adapt to Ferrero Raffaello chocolate
Pyramid Dimensions: 80cm (h) x 58cm (w) x 58cm (d)
Price includes: Delivery, set up and collection


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