Artistic Candy Designs

If you’re looking for a spectacular centrepiece, a sculpture made out of sweets or some huge massive outrageous artistic candy design we can certainly help.


Working on commissioned and non-commissioned pieces, our Artistic Candy Designs are sculptures completely covered in your choice of sweets.


A candy sculpture is a popular choice for an exhibition, a corporate reception area, shop display and even as a huge outrageous gift.  Whatever the occasion we will certainly tailor the creation to your specific requirements to WOW your guests.


As each creation is unique the process entails:


A detailed consultation where we will discuss your requirements, objectives, timescales and allocated budget.
We will provide sketch approvals highlighting dimensions of the sculpture along with details on the sweet to use on different areas of the sculpture.
We will await your approval or make any changes you require.
Your project will be put into action and
Delivered with lots of sweet love and care.


Everyone loves sweets and your candy sculpture is sure to bring Willy Wonka’s pure imagination to life.


We are confident you will be thrilled with your beautiful creation and people are sure to be talking about your Artistic Candy Design for a long time to come.

Get in touch to see how we can sweeten your event