Doughnut Walls

Get ‘in’ with the latest party trend and spoil your guests with a wall of tasty treats with Sweet Arrangements Donut Walls London.


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If you and your guests love doughnuts, you will all love this latest party trend: donut walls! Popular at weddings, baby showers and christenings; birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate functions and just about any other event, donut walls are always a huge hit. This is hardly a surprise when considering that delicious tasting doughnuts are loved and enjoyed by old and young alike.


Your wall’s theme and style will be designed to suit your individual requirements. If, for instance, your event is classy and simply, then stay with the delicious, more traditional glazed rings and add just a splash of colour to mix things up a little.


If, on the other hand, colour is your vibe, the possibilities become endless, from pastel to brightly coloured shades; from filled or ring doughnuts with styles, swirls, stripes or rippled colours to add a little extra special sparkle.


Offering an extensive range of colours, flavours and options for varying dietary requirements, we can perfectly tailor your wall to your event – and it is sure to be a hit with your guests whatever the occasion happens to be.


Flavours: Glazed, caramel, chocolate, apple, strawberry, lemon, custard.  Additional flavours available on request
Vegetarian: Vegetarian options available on request
Kosher: Options available on request
Halal: Options available on request
Dimensions: A wall holding 35 doughnuts will be 71cm wide x 53cm height, but lots of different sized walls available according to guest number


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